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Organizational Structure Essay

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Classical Principles of Argument
Orenthsis Singleton
September 30, 2014
Ms. Cassandra Baker

Classical Principles of Argument
Classical principle of argument is writing a persuasive, argumentative, or when making a claim.
A synthesis, which is bringing two or more arguments together, allowing for comparison/con-
trast, rebuttal, or accumulation of mutually supporting points (Siphane 1).

Environmentalism as religion is an essay that describe how close net environmentalism is
to religion. They both are about the faith and belief a person has in either one. The contrast
between the two is that religious is the faith and belief in God through our Lord and Savior Jesus
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Sustain-ability is salvation in the church of the environment, just as organic food is its
Communion (Crichton, 2004). Crichton also gave data of infant mortality, children dying of
disease, woman dying at birth, humankind lifespan was at forty, and plague that killed million.
Since, these incidents have happen. Does humanity still belief in Eden and Paradise?
The logos of the essay is that people in general has to be in touch with nature to under-
stand the logic of environmentalism. This is a belief. Nobody really wants to deal with life
being in nature, beside those who has a love for it. Farmers and scientist has the understanding
of how the environment make life revolve in this world.

How Principles Relate to Authority
Principle relates to authority is the author using an authoritative voice. Crichton make
reference that Environmental Protection Agency always knew that second hand smoking has
never been hazard to anyone and never was (Crichton, 2004). The author mention that environ-
mentalism should be scientific opinion, rather than those who know nothing about environment.


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