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Camden currently offers many perks to the employees.
Many of their perks include Employee apartment discount of 20 percent and 33 percent of the employees use this benefit. While the 20 percent rate is for full time employees, and the part time employee enjoy a 10 percent rental discount.
The scholarship fund of $4,500 a year to cover tuition for employees’ children that are in pursuit of an undergraduate degree, with the hopes of easing the burden of college on the parents so that they are able to focus on their own careers. To qualify they must have a high school senior or undergrad and be 25 years or younger. While this benefit is only open to full-time Camden employees with two year of active service – this is an outstanding perk.
A vacation rental package allowing employees to rent fully furnished units nationwide for $20.00 a night.
They also offer a 401 (K) Retirement Savings Plan with very generous matching to assist in building financial security for the employees. The employees with at least six months of service automatically enrolled in this plan. This plan is tax deferred on contributions between 1 and 60 percent of the pretax earnings as long as they follow the limits as defined by the IRS. Camden will match 100 percent of the initial 2 percent of the compensation contributed to the plan, fifty percent of the following 5 percent of the compensations contributed and up to the maximum of $3000 per year. Their 401 (k) plan also offers vesting credit according to the number of years employed with Camden and they are fully vested at three year.
Camden also offers an adoption benefit of five thousand dollars per child toward the reimbursement of adoption expenses with a maximum lifetime benefit of fifteen thousand dollars. In addition to three weeks of paid at the rate of sixty percent - leave to spend with the new family. The only catch is that the child must be under the age of eighteen.
Camden also offers an Ace Awards...

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