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The Differences in Memory Management Between Windows® and Linux®.

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Option 2: The Differences in Memory Management between Windows® and Linux®.

Linux and Windows are both operating systems for the common home PC. Each of them offers positive benefits and negative detriments. Some people try to claim that one is better than the other. But as an active user of Linux for over half a decade, I can honestly say that both are superior in their respective strengths. I would never attempt to do ...view middle of the document...

In reference to memory managements differences between Windows and Linux; We have to first start with the base. Memory can be viewed in both a RAM basis and memory as in storage and a base for operating system.

Windows has been locked into a dated filesystem for the basis of their operating system. This file system is called NTFS. NTFS positive is that it is old and stable. Its positives are know and it’s negatives are so well know that they come as no surprise to end users. Sadly this outdated file system technology requires the end user to periodically defragment the operating system to combat NTFS’s gross lack of the ability to organize files. Over time NTFS moves files into so many random places on the hard drive that it starts to slow down due to fragmentation of files.

Linux on the other hand uses a very up to date file system that constantly organizes itself and catalogue’s locations of items. This lends stability and speed to the operating system because the OS must no longer look for items on the hard drive, they are already organized. The name of the current generation of Linux partitioning is EXT4. EXT4 is a further evolution of EXT3 but..

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