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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems Resource: Evolution of Health Care Information Systems Grading Criteria

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that compares and contrasts a contemporary health care facility or physician’s office operation with a health care facility or physician’s office operation of 20 years ago.

Include an examination of information systems in your work place and an analysis of how data was used 20 years ago in comparison with how it is used today.

Identify at least two major events and technological advantages that influenced current HCIS ...view middle of the document...

Learning Team
Participation Log # 1 A team lead will post a Learning Team participation log in their Learning Team forum. Team lead should also make sure to log who (team member) was assigned for a particular team project task and how that member handled that task.

Note: Team participation points will be assigned towards the end of the course and it will be based on each individual team member's performance towards completing the team project and the learning team evaluation form by each team member (due on 5/28/2012). 4/30/2012
Weekly Summary Weekly summaries will be required in this course but not counted as class participation. Weekly summaries will be graded separately. In a weekly summary, you will simply write what you have learned from the weekly assigned readings, discussions and assignments. Weekly Summary should be at least 150-200 words. Post your summary in the Weekly Summary thread created on Mondays (i.e., day 7 of a course week).

Note: To be posted in the Main forum under Week 2 Weekly Summary thread in the classroom OLS. 4/30/2012 2

Week Three: Patient Information: Privacy and Security
Details Due Points
Objectives 3.1 Discuss the role of the manager and HIPAA and patient privacy compliance.
3.2 Describe the management plan for natural disasters or security breaches.
3.3 Identify ethical and legal accessibility issues of sharing EMRs.

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