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Other Topics Essay

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James Smitt

Geology 1040

The two main books that were read and evaluated in this paper were first, “Adventures through Deep Time: The Central Mississippi River Valley and Its Earthquakes,” and second “Arkansas Review: A journal of Delta Studies.” Through looking and glancing at these two books, it explains the geologic structure of the Mississippi Valley and how Mississippi and Arkansas relate to it. It also discusses fault lines, and the earthquakes around the Mississippi and Arkansas regions.
In the first book that I read, it started off reading the first chapter when it discusses the basics of the central Mississippi River Valley starting with the Precambrian time scale. ...view middle of the document...

It later shifted to the Mississippi River Valley from the Miocene to present day. The end result of the Mississippi River Valley was that it made and transformed the Gulf of Mexico to 300 km of seaward growth. The Mississippi River today starts at Lake Itasca and has an entire length of 2,530 miles. In the late Cretaceous period, the sea level connected the Gulf of Mexico to the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains. Over time, the sea level dropped at the end of the Cretaceous. One thing that amazes geologists about the Mississippi River is the Mississippi Embayment. This Embayment is a landscape of flat river floodplains and low rolling hills. Deposition occurred intermittently during the late Cretaceous period through the Oligocene time. Even though the sea level was higher globally during Late Cretaceous time, the sea rise itself cannot explain the origin of the Mississippi Embayment. One of the most shocking aspects of the Embayment is that is sediments truncate and overlie the denuded Appalachian-Ouachita Mountain system.
The second book that was read dealt with the pages 131 to 135. In these pages, it mainly discussed the perspective of a geologist on the Mississippi River. It talked about how the Mississippi Delta is around four hundred miles in length. It has many resources to give to the general public, especially to the people who live along the Mississippi River. The Delta begins in the Cairo, Illinois, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The geologist explains how it also had a literary, musical, sociological, economic, and ecological impact. From looking at the Delta, it is very remarkable because of its flatness. In the United States, the center of it is flat and completely the opposite on the western and eastern sides with hills and Rocky Mountains. Later in the chapter, it then talks about how over a long...

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