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Young women beware. The single mother phenomenon is escalating at an alarming rate. Why...Why relegate oneself to a concubine, one night stand, mistress, perpetual girlfriend, common law status. Is it for love, loneliness, insecurity? When is it time to say, enough!
Back in the day, a woman was courted, her family treated with respect and approached for her hand in marriage. Children were born in wedlock. That was the norm. Not that things were perfect, but there was a strong ...view middle of the document...

Women place little value on themselves. Men boast of how easy it is to approach a woman and have their way with her (willingly). Societal standards seem to imply and justify that it is okay to do the natural, sometimes more cost effective thing of cohabitating or engaging in casual meaningless relations. A serious moral question arises where with the pandemic facing us with STDs, we find women to be the most affected. In a recent case where a man infected with HIV was able to have intimate relations with over 20 women to none of whom he was married. Some were invariably infected. Back in the day, this would not have occurred but is prevalent today. At most, it could have been one girl/ woman that had lost her way but over 20? What values are we imparting to our children by our moral conduct? If you don't value yourself, no one else will. We need to take responsibility and make better decisions for our sons and daughters by setting better examples.
Mahalia Jackson sang the old gospel classic 'I'm gonna lay down my burdens, down by the river side, I'm gonna sully the world no more'. Lets make wiser decisions for our children's future. They are worth it. Psalm 27 motivates us with waiting on the Lord and he will give us the strength we need to say No to that which will not bless you and yours.

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