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Outline And Evalute The Working Memory Model (12)

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Outline and evaluate the working memory model.
The working memory model was proposed in 1974 by Baddeley and Hitch, who felt that Atkinson and Schifrin’s multi store model, was too simplistic, therefore the working memory model acted as an alternative, unlike the multi store model the working memory model presents short term memory stores because it focuses on the short term memory. The term working memory is used by Baddeley and Hitch to refer to the part of the memory that is active, for example calculating sums or reading a sentence all of which are collecting data to be stored.
There are three parts main of the original working memory model: the central executive, phonological loop, ...view middle of the document...

The idea of a separate visual cache and inner scribe is supported by Smith and Jonides study. They found that PET scans showed brain activation in the left hemisphere with visual tasks, but activation in the right hemisphere with spatial tasks. The other slave system is the phonological loop, which deals with auditory information, therefore it can confuse words. Baddeley found that there were two separate stores: phonological store, which stores words, heard also known as the inner ear and articulatory process, which allows information to be stored in the loop also known as inner voice. The capacity of the phonological loop is explained by the use of the word length effect. This was reported by Baddeley, who found that participants recalled more short words that long words in serial order. Hence why, it is suggested that the capacity of the phonological loop is set by how long it takes to say words not the actual number of words.
A strength of the working memory model is that it was revaluated in 2000; the outcome was the episodic buffer. The episodic buffer stores integrated information from the central executive, phonological loop and visual spatial sketch pad and long term memory. A study on the episodic buffer was carried out by Alkhalifa, who is also a member of the Bahrain royal family. The study reported on a patient, who has shown to have severely impaired...

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