Overall Banking System Of Ncc Bank Limited, Bangladesh

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Overall Banking System of NCC Bank Limited,Bangladesh
Executive Summary
National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCC Bank) is a wellestablished Bank in Bangladesh. It is developing and expanding its branchesin the country with innovative products and banking services, to gain greateracceptance as an effective and efficient means of intermediation and tocontribute to the overall wealth creation.This report is prepared as arequirement of the internship phase of BBA program of Northern Universityof Bangladesh. This report focuses three months working experiences inNational Credit and Commerce Bank Limited, Foreign Exchange Branch. Thisreport will give a clear idea about the activities and ...view middle of the document...

Thecourse is designed with an excellent combination of practical and theoreticalaspects. After completing BBA certain times is preserved for internship. As astudent of BBA with the requirement of my course I was assigned to NationalCredit and Commerce Bank limited (NCCBL) to Elephant Road Branch, Dhakafor my internship. However, I was very much interested to know how todevelop banks. So I chose the research topic as “Overall Banking Systemand Performance Analysis of NCC Bank Ltd.” They intend to ensure the trust and confidence of the customers throughfocused customer orientation, quality of service and state-of the arttechnology, transparency in dealing and adopting the best practices of Corporate Governance, achieving excellence in all the endeavors to createvalue for all the stakeholders. The significant challenge posed before them is
the maintenance of the quality of business simultaneously with itsinformation and business consolidation processes. This report is preparedbased on the: topic “Overall Banking System and Performance Analysis of NCCBL.Due to this practice the remittance department of NCC Bank hasbeen growing to provide a good participation in the profitability of the Bank.Basically, this report is highlighted on overview of NCC Bank Ltd, Structure,Analysis, Present status, Performance of NCCBL, Deposit Mobilization,Utilization of Fund, Foreign Exchange, Own Experience, Recommendationand conclusion.
1.2 Scope of Study
his internship program gives me a great scope or opportunity for gatherexperience and knowledge in several areas of banking by which I canevaluate or expose myself. During:-e first few week of my internship period,I was able to communicate most of the employees of the bank. During thefirst month I was able to accustom and adapted myself with the workingenvironment of NCC Bank Limited.While preparing this report, I had a greatopportunity to have an in depth knowledge of all the banking activitiespractices by the “NCC Bank Ltd”....

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