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Overcoming Barriers To Effective Communications Essay

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RESEARCH AND WRITING: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication 

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Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication

Communication is the process of disseminating information or a message from one individual to another through some medium. Communication is achieved when there is an interchange of opinions, thoughts, and information by writing, speech and writing. Communication as a process can be defined as a sign-mediated interface between at least two persons who share a repertoire of semiotic and sign rules. Note that communication is a two-way process, where ...view middle of the document...

Barriers to effective communication are meant to stall our interactions with others since they get into the way of effective communication (Small Business Management, 2007). These barriers often originate from within us or from some outside interference. Overcoming barriers to effective communication has been a problem for many people. This article is going to delve deeper into communication and barriers that hinder its effectiveness.

Forms of communication

Roebuck (1999) argues that there are three principal types of communication; these are, oral/verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and visual communication. The process through which information is disseminated from a sender to a receiver typically by verbal means is referred to as Oral/verbal communication. The receiver can be an individual, a group of people or even an audience. Some of the known oral communication types include; speeches, discussions, and presentation. Experts argue that words would make more sense if they are supported by body language and one's tonality. They are also of the opinion that communication is 7% word content, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language (7%-38%-55% rule). Oral communication can be emphasized by visual aid, which will provide more and precise information (Caputo & Pickering, 2003).

Nonverbal communication is the process through which wordless messages are passed on from a sender to a receiver. Such messages can be passed on via body language or posture, gestures, eye contact, object communication such as hairstyle, architecture, symbols, and clothing. This form of communication plays a vital role in each person’s day-to-day life from romantic engagements to employment (Davis, 2004). Telegraphy as a communication channel fits into this category; this communication channel allows persons to communicate via alternative means. Nonverbal communication can be divided into four main categories (Roebuck, 1999).

These categories include; physical, aesthetic, signs, and symbolic categories. The physical category is a personal communication type, which entails facial expression, sense of touch, body motion, tone of voice, and sense of smell. In the aesthetic category, information in this mode of communication is passed over through creative expressions such as dancing, playing instrumentals, and painting and sculpturing (Edelman & Remond, 2005). The signs category is a mechanical communication type; this category uses horns, sirens, signal flags, and the 21-gun salute to communicate. Finally, the symbolic category use status, religion, and ego-building symbols to communicate.

Visual communication defines itself; this communication type is enhanced by visual aid. Information and ideas are conveyed in forms that can be looked upon and read. Visual communication is primarily associated with two-dimensional imagery, which include; typography, graphic design, illustrations, colors, and electronic resources....

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