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provided to help them understand the appropriate ways to care for their child.
Children should be supported when abuse is suspected or confirmed as is can affect their self-esteem and how well they develop. Counselling is one way that emotional support can be provided to allow them to speak about how they are feeling about their current situation and advice can be given to them on how to deal with their emotions and how to take control of the situation. This will mean that they do not feel that they are alone and can talk to them about anything they wish to.
Support can also be given in schools for children that are being abused at home. With regular meetings ...view middle of the document...

Not only does this mean that they will learn teamwork skills needed in life but they will be able to make friends that they are able to talk to and spend time with where there can do things they enjoy without thinking about their current situation regarding the abuse.
Children and young people that are being abused have little self-esteem. Health and social care professionals should help them feel valued by getting them involved with activities and tasks where they have a role to play. This will make them feel that they are needed and are accepted within the setting as well as society. Schools can award children on their achievements which will help with building their self-esteem. Having high expectations will also help to increase a child’s self-esteem. They will feel that they have to work towards something and once they have achieved it they will feel proud of themselves. The professionals should also show that they are proud of them.
All the different ways to support a child who is being abused can be used to help the child feel like they can fit back into life again feeling happy and secure. It is important that the families are also supported so that they can also help the child during and after the abuse. The abuser within the family should be helped to ensure that they can begin to understand why a child should not be abused and can learn to care for the child in the right manner.

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