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P5 Identify Customers Essay

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|Product |Company |Target Group |How are they targeted? |Why are they targeted? |
|[pic] |Nokia |The Nokia Lumia 720 is mainly |The Nokia users are targeted by |They are targeted so that they know|
|Nokia Lumia 720 | |aimed for teens because of the |Nokia when they are doing a |if they need any changes for it and|
| | |fact that it is very good and fun |survey to find out things and |they could make the improvements |
| ...view middle of the document...

|business to even larger prospect. |
|[pic] |Microsoft |The Microsoft aim Xbox 360 to |They target this mainly towards |They are targeted so that they can |
|Xbox 360 | |people who love to play games. |people who loves to play games |overcome their rival which is Sony |
| | | |because if the users don’t like |and be the number 1. This way the |
| | | |games, they won’t make much |more users can play and gain more |
| | | |profit as it will not interest |profit. |
| | | |them. | |
|[pic] |Barcelona |The Barcelona club aim the season |They advertise it on their own |They sell it so that...

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