Painting Styles Essay

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Painting Styles
Chiquita M. Thomas
Instructor: Ann Wood
July 27, 2014

Painting Styles
“Neoclassicism is the movement that shaped the thought, minds, and civic ideals of Americans for 150 years” ("Neoclassicism", 2010). “Neoclassicism was a revived interest in classical forms and ideas that saturated European and American intellectual thought, fine arts and politics during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries” ("Neoclassicism", 2010). “Neoclassicism was a transatlantic phenomenon” ("Neoclassicism", 2010). Neoclassical artist seem to not have shown emotion in the artwork from the look on Napoleons face. “Careful examination of the details embedded in this portrait reveals the ...view middle of the document...

“Parisians flocked to the Maison Fournaise to rent rowing skiffs, eat a good meal, or stay the night” ("The Phillips Collection", 2014). “The painting also reflects the changing character of French society in the mid- to late 19th century” ("The Phillips Collection", 2014). The people in the paint were friends of Renoir. The woman that is holding a dog in the painting is Aline Charigot whom Renoir later married.
Abstract expressionism is the term for an art movement that was started here in America after World War II. According to "The Metropolitan Museum of Art" (2000-2014), “the large eloquent canvases of 1950 are Pollock's greatest achievements” (Description). “"Autumn Rhythm," painted in October of that year, exemplifies the extraordinary balance between accident and control that Pollock maintained over his technique” ("The Metropolitan Museum of Art", 2000-2014). “The words "poured" and "dripped," commonly used to describe his unorthodox creative process, which involved painting on unstretched canvas laid flat on the floor, hardly suggest the diversity of the artist's movements (flicking, splattering, and dribbling) or the lyrical, often spiritual, compositions they produced” ("The Metropolitan Museum Of Art", 2000-2014). “In "Autumn Rhythm," as in many of his paintings, Pollock first created a complex linear skeleton using black paint” ("The Metropolitan Museum of Art", 2000-2014). The "The Metropolitan Museum of Art" (2000-2014) website stated “For this initial layer the paint was diluted, so that it soaked into the...

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