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Palestine Essay

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I would love to know why
Just the mere thought of you
Keeps me absolutely restless
At the oddest hours of the day,
But I know it’s because of my silence.
All those times in the past I couldn’t speak up because I was weak.
I couldn’t speak up because I was afraid that just like in the past,
I would be lynched for my color,
For my religion,
For my association.

I was afraid.

You’d cry
I’d run away.
You’d scream
I’d turn away.

I haven’t held your hand all of these years,
But…. I was scared.

I know now that
Solidarity is a weapon.
Words are weapons.
Art is a weapon.
Mahmoud Darwish, Allah yerhamou, taught me that.
Rumi, Allah yerhamou, taught me that.

So let me ...view middle of the document...

There’s just too much that time cannot erase b/c
Where the shallow rivers cross and meet,
From upon the olive trees, she sits and weeps
Through the hills and plains, the enemy lies intent and discreet,
Let her sleep, sleep away, amongst the reality that sadly sings..
From the scenery that shall not cease, from a future she wants to bring.
Rest your soul, a soul that no bullet can break,
A soul that foreign thoughts cannot overtake
Sleep, sleep, for evermore,
She dreams of the setting sun upon Jaffa’s shores,
A sleep that no soldier shall wake,
A deep embrace that no morning can break.
From upon the orange-bearing trees, only her shadow she fears.
Shed a tear… Shed a tear for the world that cannot hear…
Through the open skies and the stretched horizons,
In the ever spanning Earth, she roams disinterestedly like the jet-black stallions.
Her land of sorrow, bereft of everything imagined. 
A land stolen from her, a land of her grandfathers. 
Through the memories that have caused her harm,
She’ll remain lost in this world, lost until she throws herself in your arms….

And I..I didn’t know days like this could exist
Hollow hole of a home
Rubble on the floor.
I feel angry having dreams of wishing I can stop them,
As they shred her livelihood to pieces
In the name of six candles,
Defying their own words.
And as they light each one of them
The red never seems to end, and my insides burn with agony
With loss, with a flame of sadness.
But they will never break us.
I hear the chanting outside
They will never break us.
That chanting is for her family,
It’s for her children,
Their innocent smiles wiped off of their faces
And replaced with sorrow.

And later,
As I watched the clouds outside my window flow
Flow across the sky rather slow
I could only wonder about the pace
The pace of independence without an ace
An ace is a leader who can move
Move a people into a groove
Nelson Mandela led the South Africans
Mahatma Gandhi led the Indians
Martin Luther King led the American Blacks
A leader of such a caliber our struggle lacks
At our Diaspora, we need to reflect
To see why there has been neglect
Why are we the only people not free?
Do we not look around and see
Independence the Moroccans did gain
The Sudanese did the same
Libya won its freedom from Italy
The Algerians fought the French rather mightily
What has happened in the last 80 years?
Surely, there have been many tears
Deir Yasseen lives within my...

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