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Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) is a disorder that begins in early adulthood and if found more common in men than in women. PPD falls into a group known as “Cluster A” disorder which involve an erratic and odd way of thinking. People with PPD may also suffer from paranoia, leaving them with the feeling of distrust and suspicion of others; when there is no need to be suspicious. The exact cause of PPD is unknown but has the likelihood to be have a combination of both biological and psychological factors. The fact that PPD is more common with those who have close relatives with schizophrenia, this suggests there is a genetic link between the two disorders. It is also suspected that in early childhood experiences, physical and emotional trauma may play a role in the development of PPD.

Symptoms of PPD:
People with PPD are always on guard, believe that others are trying to demean, ...view middle of the document...
Diagnosis of PPD:
If symptoms of PPD are present a doctor will start performing a complete examination on mental and psychiatric history, which if indicated will lead to a physical examination. This is a way to show that the symptoms may or may not be related to a physical illness. Even though the laboratories do not have a specific way to diagnose a personality disorder; a doctor may use various diagnostic test to rule out that a physical illness is the cause of the symptoms. If a doctor rules that it is a physical illness that has caused the symptoms they will refer the person to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychiatrist or psychologist, will use a designed interview and assessment tools to evaluate the person for a personality disorder.

Treatment of PPD:
People with PPD often do not seek help because to themselves they do not have a problem. When the treatment is sought, psychotherapy, is the treatment of choice. Psychotherapy is a form of counseling, this treatment focuses on mainly coping skills, along with increasing social interaction, communication, and self-esteem. Since people with PPD have such a problem with distrust most don’t follow their treatment plans. Medication is not generally prescribed to people PPD but most of the time they will prescribe anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, or an antipsychotic drug. This will only happen if the person's symptoms are extreme or he or she suffers from another psychological problem like anxiety or depression.

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