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Patton Fuller Community Hospital Networking Essay

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking

David Loggins


October 13, 2013

La Shanda Perry

Patton-Fuller Network
Since 1975, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has been in business as a non-profit full
service health care institution which provides high level emergency medical care, physical
therapy, radiology, surgery, labor and delivery, surgery and many other services that deal with the
health and well being of its local community. In order for the organization to function correctly,
it must have a good IT infrastructure to support their organization in order to achieve their goals
and potential growth. Lets do an analysis of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital ...view middle of the document...

The hospital’s main support departments including Human Resources, Operations, Finance,
Executive Management and the IT data center are all 1000 base T which is all wired with CAT 6
cables. Other sections of the organization radiology, operating rooms, wards, labs, emergency

rooms and pharmacy are feed using 1000 BaseF which is basically single mode fiber cables. For
the most part, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Local Area Network is wired with Cat 6 cables
with the part of the facility using wireless WLAN routed to the same network bridge.

Current Architecture of Networking

Patton Fuller Community Hospital ‘s network is built around the fundamentals of
appropriate development of its information systems. Patton Fuller hospital organization is
basically broken down into two primary operational components, a clinical half, and an
administrative half.
The administrative half of the hospital consists of such departments as human resources,
accounting, reception, Information Technology and executive offices; although the clinical side
made of those areas perform patient care, such as operating rooms, the pharmacy, and so on.

The administrative side of the hospital needs the ability to send encrypted data reliably
and also to gain quick access to patients medical records and databases instantly. Taking an
analysis of the clinical side in which requires access to data and stable communication but also
has a greater need for mobility. The setup of the network reflects these needs in that
the administrative departments use a 1000BaseT networking set up and the clinical departments
make use of a 1000BaseF networking set up with the two meeting at the organizational division
by means of a hardware-based bridge that facilitates interdepartmental communication on the

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital network architecture is pretty good, but there are some
areas that need addressing that would make their network more functional and

Network Improvements

The network at Patton-Fuller Community hospital for sure is good enough to run the hospital in
is good enough to keep it operational but with newer medical devices, I think the Patton-Fuller
can expand their network even further to compete with new hospital organizations that have
recently updated their network to meet the needs support their new devices. For example, it is
noted that in the next two years 60% of hospitals plan to add more server and storage capacity in
their hospital data centers. More then half are panning to update or expand IT infrastructure
within in their existing hospital and twenty seven percent plan expand their existing facility and
fifteen percent plan to build brand new hospital facility. Most of them planning to implement
new technologies like...

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