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People, Organizations And Management Essay

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The working world and its environment has always been a complex aspect to consider and as an evolving field, Human resource management has provided a collection of policies, theories and practices which help debate the importance and effect it has on how an organisation’s perform in diverse situations. This assignment will thus seek to explore through the use of models and theories brought forth by scholars; means by which people in organisations should be managed and ways by which those in managerial position could adopt in order to resolve issues in the work place efficiently. Also by using 2 main organisations (provided as case studies), the assignment further seek to bring to clarity ...view middle of the document...

Some organisations tend to establish a structure that is based on function and thus it provides a more co-ordinated approach to manage. For instance with a centralisation structure, decision making of the organisation can sometime be controlled by the management or head office, thus provide some sort of consistency in regard to jobs performed at lower level. Also, having a functional structure helps create the existence of departments; especially when dealing with large corporation (i.e. General Motors) where the focus is more towards dealing with input rather than output.

Centralised, functional department

With structure playing an important aspect of how an organisation can work towards having a competitive edge, however it is important to incorporate other determinants such as Strategy and technology as they also have a role in how an organisation can influence its environment. In regard to strategy, Alfred Chandler Jr provides information which suggests that strategy most time leads how the structure of an organisation is formed; meaning that the more adjustment that is made towards a strategy, the more adjustment will be needed in the area of structure. In contrast, some may argue that the environments that certain organisations faced previously are not similar to the one that are faced in the modern days.

With all that has to be said about an organisation and its design and structure, it is also essential to understand that an organisation can also be seen as a culture, which means most of the characteristic such as policies, rules and others can be viewed as products of the culture. Also because an organisation does not only consist of just structures and policies, but also people (human capital), it is thus essential to comprehend that culture can play an assertive element that can group people of different values, belief system and shape their ways of thinking. For instance, within the aspect of culture it is possible to have other subcultures which can outline people’s perspective about an organisation but also provide a platform of similarities based on the followings:

*Behaviour *Values *Norms

Bringing all the concept explored earlier into practicality using the case studies provide, the next section will hope to:

*Compare and contrast the organisation studies

*Make recommendations regarding how people should be managed or organised in different contexts.

The first case study presents us Sleepeasy Hotel which is a mid-market hotel chain that caters for business traveller and city-break tourist. As a organisation which operate in a competitive, the organisation places a lot of emphasis on providing high level of customer service. The second case study presents us Oticon, a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids.

From an organisational structure, both companies have adopted a centralisation structure by which through bureaucracy or hierarchy, they are capable of managing all the...

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