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People Should Be Lead Like Organisims

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Lead People Like Organisms Not Machines
Biblical Application to Roman 12:7 and Exodus 18:1-27

Daniel Fields
Belhaven University
MBA 682
Principles of Executive Leadership
November 12, 2011

Leaders who desire to understand why and how people behave the way they do in the workplace must challenge his or her self to first develop an understanding of how people in an organization should be lead. To develop this understanding a leader can approach this subject by seeking to answer the question, “Should people be lead like they are machines or organisms?” Whichever side is taken to answer this question would significantly affect ...view middle of the document...

Genes passed down at birth and memes passed on over time mold individuals into the people they become as adults. Because an individual’s genes and memes are so unique each adult person develops characteristics that differentiate them from others. These individual characteristics affect human behavior and can be controlled like machines. One single machine can be reproduced a thousand times and each one will perform exactly like the other. This is not true for people. As concluded by Edward Deci, humans that are controlled like machines “act without a sense of personal endorsement”, thus becoming alienated [ (Clawson, 2009) ]. Leaders must understand people at the level of their core memes in order to get them to perform at their maximum potential in the workplace.
Similarities and dissimilarities affecting human behavior is another factor that prove that people ought to be lead like organisms instead of machines. It is important for leaders to understand that while it is true for people to be very similar in some way but at the same time every person is unlike every other person [ (Clawson, 2009) ]. As stated previously, one single machine can perform and behave exactly like one thousand others because they are programmed to do so. This is not the case for organisms, such as people. In the textbook, Executive Leadership in the Workplace, the author suggested that there are seven levels of human similarity and dissimilarity that ultimately affect why people behave the way they do. The seven levels are humankind, regional culture, national culture, subnational culture, organizational culture, family culture, and individuality [ (Clawson, 2009) ]. In order to be effective, leaders must utilize all these levels of dissimilarities and similarities when leading others. At some point, depending on the level, all humans can be treated the same way but at other levels all humans must be treated differently. This statement is not true for machines.
Unlike machines, people must be motivated to get them to perform the way leaders want them to. Machines can be controlled to get the exact results that a leader desires; however, human beings can not be controlled in the same manner. For example, a leader may feel that he or she is in control of human behavior by believing in the principles that (1) I know what’s right for you; (2) I have a right to tell you what’s right for you; and (3) I have a right to punish you if you don’t do what’s right for you [ (Clawson, 2009) ]. Following these principles as a leader is an extremely flawed leadership method. Why? Subordinates who feel the lack of control in their lives will perform poorly than those who don’t feel their behavior is being control by someone else; unlike machines that do not have emotions or feelings. Leaders must possess the ability to dig deeper to understand their subordinate’s VABEs. By understanding a person’s VABEs a leader become more effective because he or she will understand that...

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