Performance Evaluation Essay

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Maureen Brewster
Grantham University

HPT as a Management Partner
HPT can be management’s partner on an ongoing basis because HPT allows management to stay focus and act as a liaison between the employees, stakeholders and management towards achieving organizational goals, objectives and missions. HPT can bring enormous result-based, value-added benefits to organizations at every level of work performance. The benefits range from those of the individual workers or jobs to those of teams, core processes, performance management of work execution, business problem solving, and the alignment of work levels to cultural issues and their resolutions. (Pershing, 2006).
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HPT can become a partner that is not eliminated or severely reduced in numbers and influence in hard economic times by ensuring that managers not only use it, but to ensure they own it, rather than perceiving that the practitioner owns it and has come to use it for them. The goal of becoming management’s partner builds on the direction management has set by defining work as identified in the HPT model under environmental analysis. Managers need to be provided with a work and performance model that mirrors or reflects operationally how they currently operate, that is, As Is, as well as how they intend to do their work to achieve their organizational analysis that is To Be, in light of the organizational environment. (Pershing, 2006)
It should not be the hard times when work performance improvement is even more needed by management; performance improvement should be incorporated into the business plan, mission statement and business strategy. Data-based decision making is at the heart of HPT’s systematic approach to helping individuals and organizations accomplish results. HPT helps in reducing threats and helps to improve the strengths of an organization.
HPT should be part of the solution, rather than being perceived as part of the problem or something to be ignored because Performance is a cause and effect, or better said an effect and relationship. Management and workers focus only on doing ‘their job’ but when an individual acceptance of HPT and a manger’s use of the same performance model, it creates a powerful, mutually beneficial performance tool. (Pershing, 2006)

Pershing, J. A. (2006). Handbook of Human Performance Technology. San Francisco, CA.: Pfeiffer.

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