Personal And Professional Health Care Communication

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Personal and Professional Health Care Commuication
HCS/ 350
Feburary 24, 2014
Tracy D. Anderws, DNP,ACNP,CCRN

Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

Personal and professional health care communication plays a major role in the care of the patient and how information is transmitted from one health care provider to the next. Collaborating with all members of the interdisciplinary team ensures that care will be provided at the highest level and patient safety will be first priority in order to have a good outcome. To better serve the community, these are some steps that we as professional nurses will take a look at to promote quality care for our patients. These ...view middle of the document...

As nurse’s it is crucial that we develop an effective stronghold of health care communication because we are the ones on the front line and are always first in line to assess changes in the patient’s health, needs and condition. Therefore, competent information regarding these concerns must be communicated to the right team in order to have effective results.

Relevancy of Effective Personal Health Care Communication

Communication is a combination of verbal and non-verbal behavior integrated for sharing information (Arnold & Boggs 163, 2010). Communications between professional health care providers are significant in providing the patient with optimum care, because this is very critical to the kind of care the patient receives. In addition, the patient immediate needs and concerns, how treatment will be implemented should be clear and to the point during change of shift report. If communication between physicians and nurses are not clear, then a delay in treatment and the plan of care will be affected due to lack of effective health care communications and this can be proven to detrimental to the patient’s condition and wellbeing. Patients have the rights to be part of the care that they receives and should be a part of the team as do the health care professional. Therefore communicating openly and honestly about assessment, planning, nursing interventions, evaluation, and outcomes must be exactly the same information received by the health care team. By taking these measures it will prevent a breakdown in communication, the patient will be abreast about all health care treatments and concerns, and can act as an advocate in getting the best possible care.

Relevancy of Effective Professional Health Care Communication

Effective professional therapeutic communication are an assets directed towards patient outcomes. We as health care professional must perfect the art of how we deliver patient information. We must be mindful of our body language because this is the first step of the nurse- patient relationship. For example, a patient receiving bad news from the doctor about their diagnosis will be sad and the nurse with a positive and cheerful smile will uplift the patient sprit during those dyer times to motivate the patient in a positive way to live and fight for wellness. Nurses especially should pay keen attention, for they are the closest in contact with the patient and the communication skills use must enhance patient wellbeing. Through effective verbal and written communication, assessing the patient’s level of education during patient teaching will potentiate how one will adhere to the treatment regimes and the plan of care. In addition, connecting with the patient and displaying active listening of the patient’s concerns, showing empathy and using verbal and non-verbal clues are all part of appropriate communication. According to Antai- Otong (2006, p 4) “to establish trust with the patient, a nurse must...

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