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Crimes have been around for centuries, ranging from medieval period to the current. A crime taking place is not because of lack of policing or patrolling, but stem from either this is the life they know to the adrenaline rush of stealing that car without getting caught. Because crimes will continue to be around and cause chaos with our streets and children, the following will discuss why crimes are committed. Deterring crime seems to be the only way that we can teach the youth on what can happen if the criminal life is chosen. The following will also cover the reasons crimes are committed along with what causes an individual to commit the crimes he or she does.

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Location is huge when looking at crime statistics. For example, if one were to look into the deep heart of Compton, California, he or she will witness that crimes take place daily, and so investigators have to examine the potential suspects from those who live there. Yes, it is possible that the crime could have been committed by someone from another city but not as likely. On the other hand, if we look at a posh neighborhood of high class and wealth, and a crime has been committed, the residents are the last to be looked at (Taylor, 2006). This is not because it is a wealthy neighborhood, but because they believe that they are above the law and crimes would not take place in their area. Next is the number of times a crime has been committed. If the crime in question is the only one, and it never happens again, most likely it is a random act of violence as opposed to planned and re-planned. If the crime has taken place before, or numerous other times, it could be because the target is an easy hit, meaning police do not get there fast enough. Last is the kind of citizens which are in the area. If the area is poverty stricken area, and crimes do rule the street, those are the areas that will either be hit, or have the criminal come from there. If the citizens are wealthy, and the crime has been committed by one of their own, it most likely is not money related. Instead it could be a simple anger issue between neighbors or just children from rich backgrounds rebelling.

Identify Assumptions:

Assumptions are made on the daily. The assumption that has been concluded is that when there is a crime that takes place, those suffer are not just the victims, but the community as a whole. As stated above, the location of the crime is the first factor that investigators look at when arriving at a crime scene. For instance, if there is a crime involving gang activity, one can assume that the location is not a great location, but if the crime is a robbery of a home, then the location can be that of either a poor area or a wealthy one. When there is an assumption made with a crime, the investigators, and local law enforcement have to be aware that there could be or are other underlying factors regarding why the crime took place. On the other hand, when there is an assumption made, the investigators can rule out potential suspects and motives faster than if he or she were to actually look at each suspect individually. What this means is simple: law enforcement can look at the gangs in the area and decide that this crime was between gang A and gang B, take a closer look at each member of the gang, whereas, if there were no assumptions made, then the law enforcement is looking at each gang and each gang member.


Concerning the methodologies of crimes, there are four different theories that best describe why crimes are committed. The first one is the conflict theory, and this is when there are two groups battling for complete control over...

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