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Sonya A Johnson
Personal Responsibility
October 30, 2013

“Personal Responsibility is the fundamental to a wealthy lifetime”. Personal responsibility is the fundamental to a wealthy life in every day. A responsible learner leads the way to a responsible career and the complete of success of a great characteristic person.
What is personal responsibility means to me? This mean to me is that you take responsibility of your acting or your life. Mean that you ...view middle of the document...

That included of taking care of your family as well as your education too. You have to think before you do it. I learned that it took me about 15 years to that is to think before you do it in life.
Well to me it like personal responsibility is taking care of your own; take care of your family and what around you. You have to take responsibility of your life and some of the actions you that doing. To add to personal responsibility that also includes is to be on time for your classes, you have to study and be respected to your teacher. Well college success, it like you want to pursue your education. You want to do something different in life. You want to make a change, or want a better job or a better life than the old life. To be success in college is you have to be responsible. Without responsibility in life you won't succeed at all.
Well for my preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my education is to set a goal for me to do and to complete my responsibility what I got to do. I want to succeed in my life and show my kids that I can do it and finish my education in life. I need to set my standard for me and my life and my relationship with other.

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