Personal Ethics Paper

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Personal Ethics Development Paper
Saundra Gonzales
PHL/323 Ethics in Management
February 3, 2014
Frank Campbell

Personal Ethics Development Paper

The personal ethics that drive me in my nursing career have been tested over the past eight years. My ethics are based on social norms and general standards of conduct that are governed by the hospital I work for. I have signed an agreement for compliance with a code of conduct that lays out the frame work for my personal and professional ethics. As a nurse, the ethical treatment of patients is paramount in my practice. The ethical system in place that has shaped my ethics is the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Beneficence, ...view middle of the document...

As a patient advocate and protector, it is my duty to provide safety, especially when the patient is not able to protect themselves. I have upset many family members of patients this way. One of the most frequent examples of this is giving pain medication to a patient at the family’s request when the patient is already sedated. Giving the pain medication per the family’s wishes would make them happy, but it could also over sedate the patient, causing respiratory depression. Respiratory depression can cause a patient to stop breathing all together. Explaining that not giving more medication is protecting the patient from harm is sometimes difficult for families to understand. Ultimately, the patient’s best interest is at the forefront of my ethical decisions, regardless of it they do not make everyone else happy. I want the patient to be free of pain, but I know that giving the extra medication can be harmful and even fatal. At times, I have to make the choice to not give more pain medicine to prevent further complications. I hate seeing patients have pain, but I know that protecting them from harm sometimes means I have to allow a degree of pain to be felt. Ethical conflict for me since I have worked as a nurse has been an occurrence that can not be avoided. It is my job to leave my beliefs outside of my practice, because the ethical care of patients has nothing to do with me. I have a personal ethics system that allows me to look at the bigger picture and focus on the needs of the patient over the needs of myself. I care for people of all different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. Each group has their own social and ethical norms. It can be difficult to understand their customs. I find it difficult for a patient to comply with treatment plans that they do not personally agree with. In some of the Asian populations I care for, the care and treatment plan are decided by the eldest son. This can be hard to see, especially if the patient has told me they do not want certain treatments. The difficult decision has to be had with the family to let everyone know what...

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