Personal Experience With Language Essay

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Personal Experience with Language
Language is a big part of my everyday life. I hear different languages being spoken in many places. I experience a different kind of language the most at the nail salon. Language has a big effect on everyone, in my opinion every time I walk into the nail salon I hear someone talking in a different kind of language. I have no idea what they are saying, but I find it very impressive that most of them can speak English and their language, Vietnamese.
As soon as I walk into the nail salon I always hear them talking to one another in their own language. I am sometimes very curious as to what they are saying. For example, they will carry on a conversation with each other and they both look at me and ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes I go to someone that does not speak English very well and it is really hard to understand them. Sometimes I have to ask them to repeat their selves more than once, and if I still do not understand I kind of just laugh or just nod my head. It would be neat to learn every language in the world if I had enough time on my hands. Not only is it cool to understand people from different countries, it is also pretty neat to learn about their culture as well and to be able to carry on a conversation with them in a different language other than English.
Whenever I am in certain nail salons, I sometimes see weird looking food they have and weird stuff they are drinking. I am interested in knowing what it is and I have asked before about some strange looking candy, and she told me it was from her country. I thought that was pretty cool, although she told me I probably would not like the way it taste. The people who work at the nail salon understand English so well; it is really hard to believe. I know I can hardly understand them when they talk to me, and they can understand me every time I speak it is impressive whenever you speak two different languages frequently.
Hopefully one day I will be able to speak two languages frequently or maybe even more. It is very difficult to interact with people that do not speak the English language, like at the nail salon or ordering Chinese food to go. I know language has a huge impact on just about everyone’s life. It is a very interesting subject to learn about, and it can help everyone in their everyday life. Learning other languages will benefit your career, improve your knowledge, and help understand other cultures. Language defines who we are, our society, and our culture.

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