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Personal Narrative Essay

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Qua'Nise Platt
September 11, 2013
English III, 1B

Rough Draft

Ever know what it feels like to be so close to something, to work so hard and then lose it? Like losing the Super Bowl or the World Cup? That's every emotion I felt when my team found out we couldn't compete for cheerleading last year. Already underestimated as a sport, this makes everyone want to work that much harder. In the end, we got the rug swept from under our feet.
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Last year at camp we learned our competition routine. That wasn't easy at all. Two days straight from 8 am until 5pm of hard work. We worked so hard in those two days, we could barely walk when Monday came around.
Three long and tiring months of flipping, jumping and stunting. Then comes the bad part. A couple days before the competition our little hearts were ripped out of our chests. Our coach felt as if we weren't completely ready. She said maybe we needed some more time because she didn't want us to look bad on the mats. Between losing almost 4 people and everyone not working hard; I agreed. But that wasn't the devastating part.
Our coach attended the competition. The news she came back with was even worse than not competing. Our coach told us we would've won anyway. Hearing this made me believe our coach underestimated us. At the same time, we probably showed her that we weren't ready. This is why I believe that with any sport you should always work to your full potential. Always give 110 percent with everything you do. You never know what could happen.
In the end of this I did learn a lesson. Always work hard. No matter if people are watching or not. I know to always work to my full potential. When it's all over you may get a bigger reward than you expect.

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