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Personal Responsibility And College Success Essay

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Personal Responsibility and College Success

Personal Responsibility and College Success When a student makes the decision to commit to a college education, they must be prepared to take on certain responsibilities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizational skills and time management, goal setting, and follow through. Frequently students fall short on these responsibilities and attempt to blame others for their failures. The student must realize that they alone are responsible for reaching their academic goals. The best way to predict how a student will perform in college is by using their high school grade point average (Haskins, 2009). The grade point ...view middle of the document...

It is not only important to realize one’s mistakes and take corrective action, but also to learn from the mistake and avoid it in the future. Personal responsibility when starting and continuing a college career is is very important. A college career should be taken as seriously as a job, because it essentially is a job. The student takes on the responsibility of ensuring assignments are completed on time as well as allowing adequate time for reading and studying. This responsibility requires organizational skills as well as time management skills. The student must use organizational skills such as creating a calendar to track assignments and required readings. The student must also create short and long term goals and hold themselves accountable throughout the college experience. The student must also follow through on all learning’s and assignments to ensure success. Personal responsibility can also include making difficult decisions. Almost every day the student will be tempted to spend their time on more enjoyable things other than working on assignments or studying. The student must however choose to be responsible and make decisions that...

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