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Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
GEN 200
September 9, 2013
Carolyn Alston

What exactly is personal responsibility? I believe that personal responsibility is to make sure my priorities and assignments will be complete on time and turned in before the due date. Even though I have a son, I may not have much time to do assignments or studying, learning as much as I can is what is important to me so I would be able to find a job for my family. Using personal responsibility in education helps me by making sure everything will be complete and on time and I look through my materials for that week. I want to make sure I provide the best for my family with the education I am receiving. Going back to ...view middle of the document...

If I continue to be successful, I will know how hard it will be but achieving success will be one thing that I will strive for. If I want to be successful in what I do I have to commit to three things. I need to make sure that I am the one who wants to take personal responsibility for my success. I am the only one who can make sure of that. If I slack off, my success will be in jeopardy. The second thing I need to do is set high goals and doing whatever is possible to reach them and achieve them. Last, things happen; as I go through life, I need to make sure I react positively to the negative setbacks and move toward my goals in education. Successful people take personal responsibility for their lives, careers, and success (Success Common Sense [Success Common Sense-Blog], 2009).
I want to succeed in college. I have already done it once by achieving my associates’ degree but I have 33 or so months until I can get my bachelors’ degree. To succeed in college, I need to make sure I am focusing on schoolwork and assignments. Making sure I complete my assignments on time and before the due date is something that I am striving for. I want to make sure I am working well in my learning team and if someone does need any help that I want to make sure if someone does need help that I help them. I need to have a plan on when I should do homework and when I should ask questions. With an infant son, I cannot have an exact plan or schedule to do other then when he is sleeping or being watched by his father. I do homework when I have time around his schedule.
I believe that the relationship between personal responsibility and succeeding in college is very similar. If I am responsible and make sure that my homework is complete and turned in before the due date, I will succeed in my college courses. I need to make sure I prioritize my schoolwork and I am hoping my learning group will help me in this course and future courses. I need to make sure I have time to get my school work done and study for big tests to help me succeed in my education. I need to make sure...

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