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How we apply and process information is all different; and because we are all unique, so is our way of learning. We are all not alike. We see the world as it make sense to us individually. We all will approach the same situation or task through different learning techniques. Our personal learning style determines our preferred way of learning, based on our personalities, attitudes, and behaviors.
There are many different types of learning styles, such as: Bodily-Kinesthetic, where we usually use our bodies or physical movements and sense of touch to learn; Verbal-Linguistic, usually when we learn by relating words and language both written and spoken; Visual-Spatial, which relies on ...view middle of the document...

The two tests I took were the Personality Spectrum and Pathways to Learning Assessment in the Keys to College Studying on the University of Phoenix website. After doing the Personality Spectrum, which consists of four categories (Organizer, Adventurer, Giver, and Thinker) and the Pathways to Learning Assessment, which consists of all the personal learning styles I mentioned above, I have more of an idea and understanding of my self-image. The Personality Spectrum’s four categories listed me highly in the Organizer skill. Secondly, it listed me as an Adventurer. Then following, Thinker and finally, Giver. These results reflected to me an insight of my skills and helped me understand my daily actions. The Pathways to Learning Assessment helped me understand the different types of learning styles I use. My results seemed to lean towards Intrapersonal. Although I am sure all skills are being used, Intrapersonal is the highest score and Verbal-Linguistic was resulted as the lowest score. Andrea Worrell from ITT Institute stated “Students learn better when they know their learning style and adjust their note-taking style to it.” So, with the scores I received, I can understand my weakest and strongest skill and apply it to my personal learning style. I can ask instructors for additional help to understand the materials handed out. I can enhance my stronger skill by prioritizing tasks and study time wisely, which will help me advance.
Time management plays an...

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