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Personality Essay

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Kristen Lewis
April 8, 2014
Dr. Diane H. Taylor

The definition of personality is a persons unique and relatively consistent pattern of thinking. There are several factors that play roles in a persons personality the culture they are raised along with the environment also DNA plays an important role. Even though, there are many different theories of personality key influences from many different psychologist play a role in the theories on personality and also the brain structure of personality.
The amount of personality theories that are out there is a large number but the number that is normally used is the basic four perspectives. The first ...view middle of the document...

Assessing personality is normally done in two basic ways either a projective test or a self-report inventory test. The projective test was developed out of a psychoanalytic approach to personality. The way this test is administered is by giving a person a unclear image like an inkblot or a vague scene then the person is asked to describe what is seen. The projective test is used to do research among other things like counseling and psychotherapy. While the first projective test did was done by a Swiss psychiatrist who made the Rorschach Inkblot Test. The self-report inventories test uses the traditional pencil and paper approach the person is given a specific set of questions to answer or they would rate themselves on various dimensions of behavior or psychological functioning. This test is often referred to as the objective personality test. Psychologists and psychiatrists along with the police departments, doctors, nurses, and pilots prefer this method. This test is common cause it helps establish the norm for that particular job or field.
Never the less the two methods have there limitations when it comes to results. Weakness of the projective test is that the test situation or the examiner of the test could influence the results due to the fact that their conduct during the test could impact the persons reply to the questions....

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