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Personnel Management Essay

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I. Executive Summary
In the market economy, the integration trend with fierce competitive environment, businesses have to deal with many challenges. To survive and grow strong businesses have the resources including human resources play a decisive role. Competition in the domestic environment was difficult, as businesses expand into international markets, having to compete with local businesses is even harder. In order to be able to attract and retain talent, a strategic development and management of comprehensive human resources is essential for any enterprise. An enterprise HR systems professional, methodical and consistent will create a workforce to work effectively, devoted to the ...view middle of the document...

From the mission and strategic goals of the organization, human resource management department has identified the goal of human capital that is invested trained human resources of knowledge. With the strategic development of the dairy industry today, TH TrueMilk identified human factors will determine the success or failure of the business and are always focused on this element in all of the company's human resource strategy any business in any market.
III. Company background
III.1, Business Plan
Statistics 2010, TH TrueMilk have 3 factories, 2 R & D centers are located in throughout the development of Vietnam with branches in most localities. Nestlé produces approximately 10,000 tones of milk per year and has about 800 employees working in branches throughout Vietnam. In its business plan, Nestlé said the spread will help Nestlé access to customer needs, thereby creating the products that best meet consumers' needs. It will be a great result from the tireless efforts of the company through a long-term business process to achieve a global system that rivals cannot easily get. Despite the world economic situation of the past with a lot of difficulties and severely affected from the crisis but TH TrueMilk will continue to invest in research and product development as well as evidence of their ranking in the list of the company's most prestigious food in Vietnam.
III.2, Human Resource Plan
The aim of TH TrueMilk towards image is a multinational corporation, a multidisciplinary brand and global human resources professional, enthusiastic, energetic, like-minded developing long career, tied TrueMilk bundle with TH. Recruitment policy of the company always aims to diversify candidate for the leadership, management and staff levels. From the candidate is able to mimic this with appropriate experience, professional qualifications, in accordance with the requirements of the new students have graduated and good performance. This recruitment is considered in view irrespective of race, religion, gender and age. The goal of recruitment is TrueMilk TH staff weightlifting find qualified people to work, quality of work through the selection process fair and objective.
The program includes the recruitment of TH TrueMilk apprentice program trading, held annually. This is a recruitment program of the company towards new graduates team dynamic, enthusiastic, and willing to devote favorite sales job. The program is a great opportunity for the children to be potential candidates to join and grow with a professional sales team of TH TrueMilk in all international markets. The trainees will be trained, the skills training needed in parallel with practical work experience will help the candidates to become the official trade monitoring company after three months and it is earned with the treatment regime deserves. In addition, the program will be recruited from the university to help students have the opportunity to express confidence before their best...

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