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TITLE: Local grown is better than organic
Topic: Local grown is better than organic in some cases.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that locally grown food is ideally better for you than the
organic products from thousands of miles away that you can buy in a grocery store.

Attention-getting Material: apples – one locally grown and one organic from somewhere else
Credibility Material:

I. Introduction
A. Which apple?
B. The FDA 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths per year from food borne illnesses. majority contaminated produce, 38%.

A. To persuade my audience to try locally grown produce over organic produce from thousands of mile away.
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UC Davis study “Long-Term Research on Farming Systems Project," 1991, slated for 100 years. Organic tomatoes plant compounds with potent antioxidant activity. 10-year mean levels of were 79-97 percent higher conventional
b. Findings intriguing, Kaffka , factors confound the results: soil types could be moisture or irrigation ,the variety of tomatoes
Few rigorous studies that have compared organic conventional mixed results. No consistent evidence lead to more healthful foods. So Kaffka skeptical.
B. Locally grown food, healthier food choices.
1. Home-cooked meal, local foods, eat better; sustain local economy, Christine Olson, professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University.
2. Olson, Cornell Cooperative Extension, locally grown produce, Eat3, 20 New York counties in summer 2009. "messages, what to eat, where food comes," Olson said. " includes locally grown foods, more fruits and vegetables, more dairy and whole grains, and fewer soft drinks."
(Transition: Good for you food can also taste good too!)
D. Taste
A. Time Magazine, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. problem locally grown organics. he basis of taste. " local nonorganic tomato, organic shipped from California," " tomato from Austin will be fresher, taste better,"
B. Chef Dan Barber, a frequent and featured writer, New York Times. eloquent pro-local spokesmen, local eating profitable (and delicious--his restaurants win raves). is chef of the two Blue Hill restaurants in New York. Less than 20% of their ingredients New York region.
IV. Conclusion
A. Health and taste, local-organic debate.
B. and making the choice
C. Which apple?
D. Thank you!

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