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Pest Analysis Telenore Pakistan

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Pakistan has important strategic endowments and development potential. The country is located at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, China and the Middle East and is thus at the fulcrum of a regional market with a vast population, large and diverse resources, and untapped potential for trade. The increasing proportion of Pakistan’s working-age population provides the country with a potential demographic dividend but also with the critical challenge to provide adequate services and increase employment
Economical view:
Pakistan faces significant economic, governance and security challenges to achieve durable development outcomes. The persistence of conflict in the border ...view middle of the document...

In addition, recent efforts to remove tax exemptions and broaden the tax base contributed to higher tax revenues, though the revenue to GDP ratio remains low at about 10 percent
Accelerating progress in human development remains the key underpinning for sustained economic gains. The Net Enrollment Rates in education have been increasing in Pakistan but still lag behind other South Asia countries. Infant and under five mortality rates represent a similar story. Gender disparities persist in education, health and all economic sectors. Pakistan has one of the lowest female labor force participation rates in the region. Nutrition also remains a significant cross-cutting challenge, as 44% of children under five are stunted. Despite the worrying state of education and health, especially amongst the poor, the resource allocation as a percentage of the GDP remained low. Pakistan is ranked as one of the lowest spenders on education and health in the region (at about 2% of GDP). At the current rate of progress, it will be difficult for Pakistan to meet the MDG targets on health and education by 2015.
Poverty gains of over the past decade have been impressive but may be difficult to sustain. Pakistan saw a decline in poverty trends, with the poverty rate falling from 34.5 percent in 2001/02 to an estimated 17.2 percent in 2007/08. Over the past few years there have been signs that poverty levels may have further decreased, despite the downturn in the economy, floods and inflation. These gains might have been supported primarily through remittances, faster than expected recovery of the agricultural output and exports following the floods, and broad economic growth. While Pakistan’s overall level of inequality remains steady and relatively low compared to other developing countries, some of the volatile border regions and some rural areas within the other provinces have a higher than average level of poverty.
Over the past couple of years, greater decision-making authority has been assigned to provincial governments. The Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment has devolved a number of key functions to the provinces. In total, functions in seventeen federal ministries have been devolved, including Agriculture, Education, Environment, and Health. In addition a greater share of revenues has been passed to the Provinces through the National Finance Commission Award (NFC) in order to enable them to perform these functions. As expected, the devolution has posed institutional and capacity challenges at the provincial level, and meeting these challenges will require concerted efforts to enhance sub-national capacity and institutional development, which varies across provinces.

Pakistan - Policy and Performance|||
Trade flowsPakistan’s exports are highly concentrated: currently the majority of exports originate in the textiles and apparels sectors. Early evidence indicates that Pakistan has so far been able to expand exports in the wake of the abolition...

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