Philosophies Of Time Essay

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Different philosophies of recording time, when considered together, enhance the understanding of a period of history. There is our traditional Gregorian timeline, the prophet timeline, and the pagan timeline. They all tell us about events in a whole different format, so to speak.
The Gregorian timeline that we are all familiar with, tell us everything that happened in any given event, in order. Everything is detailed in the way ...view middle of the document...

We believe everything started at one point, it goes through history, and then abruptly ends at the end of the line. This is the common thought of Christians and such throughout history.
However, the prophet timeline is a little different. It is somewhat similar to the Gregorian timeline, but not quite. The one key difference between the two is when something big and bad happens like the fall of a kingdom or black age of a people, the prophet timeline shows that. The timeline goes backwards a little bit when something like that happens, and then starts forward again.
Now, the Pagan timeline is different than both of these. This timeline goes in a circle. The timeline shows more important events that repeat themselves. The pagan timeline shows everything repeating like reincarnation. Where time spins like the earth, constantly, without beginning or end. It’s a very interesting way of looking at things.
All three of these timelines show different philosophies of time. Different ways of looking at life’s patterns. I believe it good to learn eachother’s understandings of history to learn and understand why people thought the way they did, and do.

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