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Philosophy And Rationale Essay

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Shan ice Hannah
EDU 215: Education Foundation and Framework

My own educational philosophy of teaching will be making sure my student receives knowledge. I want to bring learning to them in ways that they understand and also eager to learn more. What is philosophy a systematic body of thought that represent a worldview, of which education is a part, see beyond the moment, and dedicate inquiry into idea, tradition, and ways of thinking. I will discuss the four components of philosophy: metaphysis, epistemology, axiology, and logic
An example of how metaphysis will appear in my classroom is discipline. No one will be treated disrespectfully ...view middle of the document...

With all of the bullying going on I will give my students encouragement and let them know that they are special, and can have a bright future ahead of them by making the right choices. I want my students to know that they don’t have to make wrong decision, because they are going through something in the home or school and its ok to take it out on students. I know that kids need a little extra attention, and some of them be acting out for it.
An example of how logic will appear in my classroom is helping my student learn step by step. Helping them learn things in order, like how to tie there their shoes, or even math problems multiplication, adding, subtraction, and division. In my classroom I want to make sure that every student is taught and is able to understand what is present at hand. Doing different activities step by step will help them in my classroom. Also having a systemic way that I grade papers will help me with knowing what my students are capable of.
How I will implement my educational philosophy in the classroom and what theories would be at work. Well I would probably use some instructional strategy from Lev Vygotsky. His ideas were about social learning and scaffolding would be awesome in my classroom. I would love for my kids to work together in groups so they can figure out things on their own. I don’t want my kids to think that I’m a dictator giving instructions and demands, but I want to participate and make things fun in the classroom. I will have my classroom a place where they can be relax and enjoy learning. They would also be able to speak freely and give their opinions on things that we talk about inside the class. Students learn from each other and if they are not bored then they are eager to learn. I will always be there to make sure they understand. I have an example to what will go on in my classroom, when I teach I would use figurative language, they already know figurative speech so put those two together and they can identify simile, metaphor, etc. Paiget say students should have no problem working in groups and it will help them go beyond what they know to what I want them to know.
Another idea is scaffolding and making learning relevant and meaningful to students. It’s important to teach the students the why and what when learning, part of scaffolding is being able to answer the why.
Building on prior knowledge I must be able to plan. I must do my entire lesson step by step and foresee any problems or misconceptions...

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