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Pizza Essay

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what are the rankings
The Temple of the Jedi Order provides the opportunity for members to learn and grow in experience with the support of those who have already dedicated their lives to Jediism. As such, there is a system of ranking that reflects the development, position and duties of each member within the Order.
There are 4 types of 'ranking' in the Order. These are: 'Statuses', 'Ranks', 'Offices' and 'Clerical Ranks'.
A 'Rank' is related to the amount of study that has been accomplished at the Temple.
A 'Status' is related to the level of rights and responsibilities (some legal) that a member has in the Temple.
An 'Office' is a specific position held by a person that ...view middle of the document...

Div level of the degree scheme. They can take on Apprentices of their own. A Knight must be at least eighteen years of age (18).
Senior Knight - Rank
A Knight who has completed the Degree Scheme training to B.Div level.
Master - Rank
A Senior Knight who has successfully taught three apprentices.
Grand Master - Rank
An honorary title bestowed upon Masters for exceptional dedication and service to the Temple of the Jedi Order. As such it is not “higher” than the rank of Master.
What is jediism all about?
What we are is a group of individuals coming together in a community to promote goodwill, happiness, understanding and serenity. We are about a greater level of spiritual awareness, human compassion and bringing about a greater understanding of the universe and the people within it to help move the world forward in the most positive of ways. That is what Jediism is all about.
Mar 21 - Day of Recognition - to honour each other and the bonds between us all (also International Earth Day)
May 25 - Jediism Day - to honour Jediism and the path (also International Jedi Day)
Sep 21 - Day of Harmony - to honour peace and our connection with the Force (also World Peace Day)
Oct 31 - Memorial Day - to honour those that have passed back into the Force (also Samhein/Halloween)
Dec 25 - Anniversary Day - to honour the Temple and its founding (also Christmas Day)
Dec 31 - Day of Reflection - to honour our own past and future (also New Year's Eve)
TotJO Council is our General Management as well as Supreme Court to act and decide on appeals. The Council is meant to provide a sense of direction without inhibiting the latitude and trust each Master, Knight or member deserves.
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There are many offices of responsibility at TotJO. These require an Oath of Office to be taken to officialise members into their new roles.
The Councillors act as the general management as well as the Supreme Court to act and decide upon appeals. The Council is meant to provide a sense of direction without inhibiting the latitude that each Master, Knight and member deserves.
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Degree Scheme Administrator
Degree Scheme Administrator: Vacant
Intake Officers
As soon as a member begins a journal, or makes an introductory post, the Intake Officer (as well as possible other members) will greet you. If you have questions, and do not know who else to ask, this officer (as any other member would) will be happy to answer your questions.
Intake Officers: Alexandre Orion, Ryujin, Wescli Wardest
Knight's Secretary
The Knight's Secretary is responsible for organising and chairing the Knights' meetings, managing discussions and organising votes. Furthermore the Knight's Secretary is a contact person for all Temple Members who wish to contact the Knights directly.

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