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In planning and designing an experiment the following step should be followed:
Hypothesis- The hypothesis is an educated claim or guess about how things work. It is written in a testable form and shows a clear relationship between the dependent and independent variable. Eg. "If _____[I do this] _____, then _____[this]_____ will happen, because_____" 
Aim: The aim must be linked to the hypothesis and show the intent of the ...view middle of the document...

Should also include how materials will be used, precautions to be taken and how data will be collected and treated.
Control: This is included in the method. It is an experiment designed to operate under similar conditions (not manipulated and to be used as a comparison).
Variables: The dependent variable (Responding variable) is that which responds to changes made by the experimenter in the experiment. This is normally detected by the use of the senses
Independent variable (manipulated): is the factor that is varied by the experimenter and affect the outcome of the reaction
Constant variables: This is the factor (s) that remain(s) the same for the experimental and control group
Observations: show how the data collected will be presented. eg. Table
Expected results: This is a prediction of the observations to be made based on the hypothesis supported by factual reason. Include how the results will support the hypothesis.
Limitations: Uncontrollable factor that may affect the outcome of the experiment eg. Weather
Sources of error/ Assumptions
Planning and Designing Outline

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