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INSTUCTIONS: This Self-Check Instruments will give the trainer necessary data of information which is essential in journalizing transactions. Please check the appropriate box of your answer to the questions below.

Can I…? | Yes | No |
1. Journalize Transactions |
1.1 Prepare chart of accounts | √ | |
1.2 Analyze documents | √ | |
1.3 Prepare journal entries | √ | |
2. Post Transactions |
2.1 Prepare ledger | | √ |
2.2 Transfer journal entries | | √ |
2.3 Summarize ledger | | √ |
3. Prepare trial balance |
3.1 List account titles and transfer from the ...view middle of the document...

Review internal control system | * Demonstration * Certificate of Employment | * Assessment * Authenticity |
5.1 Check policy compliance | | |
5.2 Prepare policy compliance report | | |


Summary of Current Competencies Versus Required Competencies

Required Units ofCompetency/LearningOutcomes based on CBC | Current Competencies | Training Gaps/Requirements |
1. Journalize Transactions | Journalize Transactions | None |
1.1 Prepare chart of accounts | Prepare chart of accounts | None |
1.2 Analyze documents | Analyze documents | None |
1.3 Prepare journal entries | Prepare journal entries | None |
2. Post Transactions | None | Post Transactions |
2.1 Prepare ledger | None | Prepare ledger |
2.2 Transfer journal entries | None | Transfer journal entries |
2.3 Summarize ledger | None | Summarize ledger |
3. Prepare trial balance | Prepare trial balance | None |
3.1 List account titles and transfer from the balance | List account titles and transfer from the balance | None |
3.2 Summarize trial balance | Summarize trial balance | None |
4. Prepare Financial Reports | Prepare Financial Reports | None |
4.1 Prepare financial statements | Prepare financial statements | None |
4.2 Analyze financial statements | Analyze financial statements | None |
5. Review internal control system | Review internal control system | None |
5.1 Check policy compliance | Check policy compliance | None |
5.2 Prepare policy compliance report | Prepare policy compliance report | None |


Training Needs (Learning Outcomes) | Module Title/Module of Instruction |
2. Post Transactions | 2. Prepare Financial Reports |
4.1 Prepare Ledger | |
4.2 Transfer Journal Entries | |
4.3 Summarize Ledger | |

Learning Contents | Learning Activites |
2. Post Transactions | |
Financial Statements | Read Information Sheet 4.1-1 then perform task sheet 4.1-1 |
Financial Ratios | Read Information Sheet 4.2-1 then perform task sheet 4.2-1 |
3. Review Internal Control System | |
Internal Control Fundamentals | Read information sheet 5.1-1 |
Internal Control Policy | Read information sheet 5.2-1 |
Preparing Compliance Report | Read information sheet 5.2-2 then perform task sheet 5.2-1 |


Learning Activities | Special Instructions |
READ Information Sheet 4.1-1: Financial Statements | Compare your answers with the Answer Key |
PERFORM Task Sheet 4.1-1: Preparing Financial Statements | Evaluate your own work using the Perfomance Check List |
READ Information Sheet 4.2-1: Financial Ratios | Compare your answers with the Answer Key |
PERFORM Task Sheet 4.2-1: Analysing Financial Statement using Financial Ratios | Evaluate your own work using the Perfomance Check List |
READ Information Sheet...

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