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Describe the types of projects that you typically work on or manage (IT Related, Construction, GIS, Process Improvement, etc.)
Since I am still international student I haven’t got the chance to have work experience in project team in US yet. But i participated a lot team project during my last semesters and still working on another one. My only work experience as a PM was about startup project. The project was about opening a steak house in Istanbul for the first time.
How do these projects fit within the context of your organization (or what need do they meet within the organization: revenue generating, process improvement, internally focused)?
That project was focusing process improvement because the company I worked for , they already have big sales force ...view middle of the document...

Is there usually an understanding of how the projects you work on connect to the overall mission and goals of the organization?
All project must focus on same mission and goals for the company and in our company we definitely did.
Describe how your organizations use the WBS. / Who generally creates the WBS for your projects?
As I mentioned I don’t work currently but I like to share what I am thinking. A work breakdown structure is an essential element in project planning and project management. It should be created by project team not only project managers. Project team should use WBS as baseline for the project.
Do you think your organization uses it effectively? Please provide support or reasons for your answer./ Do you think this is an effective method? Why or why not? How would you improve it?
I think WBS is perfect method .The WBS provides the project manager and team with the necessary framework of tasks. The project manager and team will have a pretty good idea whether or not they’ve captured all the necessary tasks, based on the project requirements that are going to need to happen to get the job done. To make better WBS , PMs should use estimating methods correctly , if PMs made good estimation that means more accurate WBS created and in the end project may reach the success.
If you are able, provide examples of when a poorly created WBS causes problems? What were the problems? What was the effect on the project? What steps were taken to correct the problem?
During my other classes, I created some WBS and I can say I did them very poorly. Even it was not a professional project, later on I realized I made many mistakes. When there is mistake in WBS it effect everything.

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