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Poe's The Masque (Mask) Of The Red Death

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The Masque of Red Death

People don't really have that much in common, but they do have one

big thing in common, that is death. Death is the one thing that no one can

stop. The short story "The Masque of Red Death," by Edger Allen Poe shows

how that statement is true. Poe was a man who had had many experiences

with a disease that killed many people in his life, in his story "The

Masque of Red Death," he uses a lot of symbolic messages to express his

views and feelings on that disease.

Edger Allan Poe stated out with a home life that wasn't very stable.

His blood father left when Poe was about one. His mother was an actress

that moved Poe's sister, brother , and himself around a lot. Then when he

was three she died of ...view middle of the document...


the story red stand for the death that comes over everyone in the story.

In Poe's life it stands for the diseases that has killed everyone important

to him, tuberculoses. Blue is the color of the first room, in Poe's life

it is supposed to be him. The second room in the story is the color purple,

this color is for Poe's mother. Then there is a green room, this room is

for his brother. There was also an orange room for Poe's foster mother,

Mrs. Allan. The white room was for his wife Virginia, and the violet room

for her death. Last there was the black room, which was for Poe's death.

What is time? Is time something that people just made up ? Poe

seems to think that it means life. In the story a clock symbolizes life.

In the story every time the clock would time the hour the party would stop,

because everyone wanted to make sure that there time was not yet over.

Another thing that Poe uses to show life is east and west. He had all the

rooms start in the east and end in the west. When you where in the east

you were very much alive and the closer you got to the west the closer to

death you were until you finally got to the west where you would die when

you reached it.

One more thing is the Prince, in the story the Prince tries to save

everyone, but in the end they all died. This is much like Poe, Poe tried

to protect everyone so much but they still all died. The last thing is

that the party the Prince was having was a masquerade. Which is just like

life according to Poe. He was saying that everyone is always wearing a

mask through life, but that we really shouldn't, because we are all have

the same fait, death!

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