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Point Of View In The Golden Age

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This book was written in third person. Anam presents her novel in the third person point of view because she wants to give her readers an opportunity to connect with her characters. Also she saw it as a great way for her readers to understand the different ways that the characters think and reason with the other characters. Anam also thought of her writing and gave her self the chance to broaden the perspective on her story by using the third person.
Aman writing style includes foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is portrayed in the title of the first section, “Shona with her back to the sun” foreshadows that Rehana’s joy will soon come to an end. Shona is a symbol of Rehanna’s joy and love for her children ...view middle of the document...

In addition Anam also uses lots of flashback in her writing. For instance, Rehana is always remembering something in the past. For example, she could still hear Mrs Chowdhury telling her to build the new house at the back of her property. Anam uses flashback to indicate to the readers of the impact that Rehana’s pass decisions has on her life.

Shona- symbolizes togetherness. Shona was built to bring her children together. Rehana sees Shona as an opportunity keep her children safe and protected. She used it as a way to get them back and to keep them home. Even as she believed that Shona would stand strong and never let her lose hope of keeping her children she end up losing them in the war. Her children are drawn to the activities that are going on during the war and she tries her best to keep up with them by offering her help in all what he can. For example she gave Sohail Shona, to have him close, while he hides out for him to complete training to become guerrilla.

Red: What comes to mind when you hear the colour red? The red in the novel symbolizes love and blood. The word blood suggests death and pain, while love suggests happiness. Anam continues to repeat the word red throughout the novel as she depicts the war and Rehana’s love for her children. War is associated with dead as the country is now at war to gain their independence. For example, “The army had dug a mass grave to hide the bodies.” This line depicts the number of people who are dead because of the war activities. Rehana’s love is portrayed through her actions.  

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