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Police Community Relations Essay

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Police-Community Relations
Kaplan University
Did you know that 42% of Americans find their local law enforcement untrustworthy?  This is due in large part to the number of police related incidents that have been in the news of late.  The negative publicity that law enforcement is getting has an adverse effect on all police departments, nationwide. In turn this is having an effect on police-community relations.  To better the relations between the Ringgold police department and the community there needs to be more outreach programs.
At this time I believe that the community relations are in a good solid place. We have areas that we can improve on. (R. Kinsley, personal communication, ...view middle of the document...

It is not based on ability, character or truth. Having trust makes one fell safe and free of fear enough so that they can focus on other things.
There is a perception of distrust between law enforcement and the community. This distrust stems directly from the dangerous words police use when communicating with the community. (Willis, 2015, p.) Simply choosing better words can help build relationships between law enforcement and the community. It is necessary for law enforcement to have trust with their community. There are many things that hinge on the police-community relationships, the ability of law enforcement to perform their duties, are the most important. Law enforcement must be willing to rely on the public to observe the law. They must always demonstrate absolute impartiality to the law.
Over the last five decades, our society has undergone huge demographic shifts with regards to the family. (Faith and Family, 2005) Sixty five years ago seventy-eight percent of families lived in a household where the head of household was married. Only fifteen years ago nearly half of all American lived within a home where the head of household is unmarried. This shift in authority within the home has had an effect of the way that the public views the authority of law enforcement personal.
In a national Institute of Justice study it was found that interactions with police are the factors that most influence public opinion. (Factors That Influence, 2007) Interactions were defines as “person to person” contact. If law enforcement does not work towards a proper relationship with their public, they will have difficulty with the public being cooperative. They can also expect to meet with difficulty in maintaining public order.
A lack of community involvement will lead to some serious and perplexing problems within the community. Everyone needs to take the time to build a bridge towards better police-community relations. Doing so will enable citizens of the community and law enforcement to communicate, collaborate and work together to build a safer community. Benefits of improved relations also include better police efficiency, safer work environments, better job morale and being treated with more respect. The benefits also extend to the community with a safer environment, less tension among all involved and quicker resolution to crimes. With these benefits citizens become more informed and law enforcement become aware of the citizen’s concerns.
Building relations is a process that will take time. With improved communication comes more trust which leads to success for all involved. The first step to building this bridge is to have a town hall meeting. In this meeting the police, as well as the community, need to listen to content as well as cues to better understand the wants and needs of all involved. Two-way communication involves considering verbal and nonverbal cues and physical appearance. Community members,...

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