Populations And Sampling Paper Week 1 Of Stats And Lifesciences

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Populations and Sampling
January 14, 2013
Fahad M. Gohar

Populations and Sampling
A population is the complete collection of all the subjects needed in a study. This can be people, measurements, scores, and so on (Triola & Triola, p. 4, 2006). A population must include every possible subject needed for the study. If not, it is not a population. It can be very difficult to access every subject that is part of the population, especially if the population is very large. Then it would be wise to use sampling. A sample is a group of subjects taken from the population intended to represent the population (Triola & Triola, p. 4, 2006). The sample needs to ...view middle of the document...

At this point it may be feasible to work with the population and not a sample providing you can get every student this professor taught at this college to participate. Reaching an entire population and getting them all to participate can be a difficult task, which is why we use sampling. The result achieved from sampling is called a statistic because it is not based on the whole population. If the results were based on the population it would be called a parameter (Triola & Triola, p. 4, 2006).
Of course the size of your sample is extremely important. You need to have enough subjects from the population to provide statistically significant results from the sample. If your samples size is not big enough you will be providing statistically invalid results ("How Do I Determine Population & Sample Size," 2013). In doing research for this paper, I had found an online calculator that can help in determining your sample size. Raosoft.com has a sample size calculator that has you input your acceptable margin of error, confidence level needed, population size, and also takes into account the response distribution. The result will be your sample size you need to achieve statistically valid results ("Sample Size Calculator," 2004). By having a sample which is the proper size you increase your chances of your sample being representative of the population you are using.
Another way of increasing your chances of developing a sample representative of the population is to use random sampling to choose your subjects for the sample. By using random sampling you are making sure you sample is chosen in such a way that each subject of the population has the same chances of being...

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