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Position Paper

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Death Race
Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anything to get it? The movie “Death Race” portrays Warden Hennessey as a self centered woman who basically posses all control of the inmates in her maximum security prison. She has her mind set on only the success of her pay-per-view show and money. Warden Hennessey consciously uses ethical objectivism all throughout the movie by analyzing symbolic objects, her ability to cause havoc, and ultimately her ability to control others.
An object in this movie that plays a major role in proving Warden Hennessey’s ethical objectivism is Frankenstein’s mask. The mask is used to disguise Jensen Ames as Frankenstein in order to ...view middle of the document...

This truck/machine runs over everything in its path, has electronically controlled weapons all over it, and also has armed prison guards on it shooting as well. The machine kills a number of racers very quickly only to allow two drivers to survive for the next race. The only logical reason for this is to make the show more exciting and to boost the ratings. Once again, it is very obvious to see that everything the warden is doing is all for the show, all for the money. If you were given the power to kill people, both innocent and guilty, just to make money and justify your own greed what would you do? After all, there is a high likelihood of getting away with everything.
Many people also question Warden Hennessey’s ethical viewpoints during this movie simply because she is given the capability to control the inmates in most ways. One example would be the scene where she sends one of her prisoners to murder Ames wife and set him up as the murderer just so he could drive in her show. She obviously only does this because her successful previous driver Frankenstein is severely injured and needs to find a replacement for him before the death races begin. She clearly lacks the morals of an...

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