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Week 11 Discussion Post Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is about how a culture changed that occurred within a motor vehicle agency. The transformation from a despised government agency to becoming a customer focused retail process. “The bureau was considered the worst, because of extensive wait times, poor customer service and rampant fraud.” The key reason why the service level remained poor at a visible government agency was because the agency failed to put the customer at the center of the business.
Governor Daniels had to establish a sense of urgency. He knew that the key element in organizational change is the people, and that he had to use the model to transition process. Importantly, customer satisfaction is the center of the entire operation and that every business process flows from that fundamental objective. ...view middle of the document...

“As in any given year the BMV handles approximately 13 million transactions which include (registering vehicles, drivers’ records, branch visits and web site visits. traffic.” He also had to communicate his vision, as making changes will create resistance. “He consolidated some operations and shutting down unwanted locations, which created a “fire storm and political backlash” but once things quieted down he was able to implement the operational model. He also had to address the poor security procedures and high levels of fraudulent activities. Initially, when he implemented the corrective systems and procedures, they were not welcomed warmly due to breakdowns at all levels. He devised a plan to overhaul the technological and verification systems, which included databases, cash management, driver’s license, registrations, and title records. Importantly the systems had to communicate with each other. As Governor Daniel’s empowered others to Act on his Vision, the branches implemented reforms, updated their systems, and engaged staff in solving problems, morale also changed not just among customers but also within the agency. The retail improvements had its share of ups and downs, but it succeeded by the Governor developing strategies for achieving the vision and teaching new behaviors by the example of the guiding coalition which created the quick wins along the way. BMV change initiatives that made the modification work were the cultural change and customer oriented process. With the technological changes and innovative processes, this expedited services. Staff was able to interact with customers instead of pushing paper and the Governor Daniels aligning such behaviors with a reward system. The Governor was personally involved in institutionalizing the change and I would have done the same. This also requires political leadership and keeping the customer and employee experience the center of this reform and committing to a higher standard of excellence.

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