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Postcolonialism Essay

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Post colonialism highlights the issues that hold various Western countries together in a grasp in order to define their weaker counterparts. Post colonialism is the study of exclusion, denigration ‘othering’ and resistance which takes place under systems of colonial control where countries struggle to deal with colonial legacy. When one looks at the text Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M Coetzee, the ideology of Orientalism and Mimicry unfolds and speaks of the unspeakable encounters of the Empire as opposed to the Barbarians thus, creating the distinctions between the empire and the colony. Therefore, it is the purpose of this essay to justify how the foretold philosophers theory, excavate ...view middle of the document...

The above resembles how Coetzee focuses the theme of Barbarism on the empire. Said’s theme of orientalism shines light on to this scene and enables one to fully understand how the empire engages with the theme of orientalism, blaming the orients for creating the surrounding of savagery and misconduct without realizing that the occident (Empire) are the barbaric and indecent ones in this society. Therefore evident is the fact that these forms of false anointment of another group could be as disturbing as it is displayed yet evoking response from the orient in order to rewrite history wherever possible in order to claim their part of history that forced them to be silent. Said then could possibly trying to give a voice to the orient in order for them to rewrite their history that was once written for them.
Similarly in Morrison’s text, it function as the way white people legitimize dark skins and projecting violence from others before the others against them. They “…believed that whatever the manners, under every dark skin was jungle. Swift unnavigable waters, swinging screaming baboons, sleeping, snakes, red gums ready for their sweet white blood.”Said argument on Orientalism, justified on the next line from the above quoted line. No matter how much they spent their strength trying to convinced white people, “…the more they used themselves up to persuade whites of something…. Negroes believed could not be questioned, the deeper and more tangled the jungle grew inside.”The jungle that was planted by the white folks. The miss-signified of dark skin as orientalism defines, spread, until it invaded all the slaves’ owner. Therefore, it resonate the foretold text on how white mask their fear of difference. Ex-slave wish the repetition didn’t continually arise back (which it does) as in, Derrida’s text, Freud state we were always “haunted by something totally other," the "other" that always comes back, like the pleasure principle, "only as that which has not truly come back.” Morrison then give a voice in her text Beloved, to devastate the inane codifying that history of slavery holds.
Tied to the above notion is the idea of misrepresentation and mimicry. Said therefore illustrates a picture of misrepresentation using the characters of Colonel Joll and the Magistrate. As stated “For I was not, as I liked to think, the indulgent pleasure-loving opposite of the cold, rigid Colonel. I was the lie that Empire tells itself when times are easy, he the truth that the Empire tells when harsh winds blow. Two sides of imperial rule, no more, no less.” Although the Colonel wants to justify that he could be on the same sides as the natives, he still wants to just have sex, eat drink and sleep just as any other oppressor might do in another setting. He is the face that the Empire and the barbarians seem to lean on forcing him into a position of doubt and uncertainty.
The fact that he gets to take the girl in, wash her and bathe her is a form of mimicry in which he...

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