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Potential For Musical Social Media Essay

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The Psychological Magnetism of the Social Network
Chelsea Fries
Psychology of Social Media
Stanford University

The success of a business such as MySpace is dependent upon how effectively it is able to bring pleasure to people. One of the best ways to do this is to present people with a community which they would like to belong to. In order to build a successful community, each individual must be given the tools necessary to find people with whom they share common interests. When one has successfully found or created a community, one will choose to devote a great deal of time to wherever their community is, especially if spending time with that community brings them popularity. People ...view middle of the document...

Such studies demonstrate that the pronounced effort to avoid rejection and exclusion is not due to vain conceit but is a natural human instinct. The use of a screen name as opposed to one’s true name on a site like MySpace can give people the opportunity to avoid the disapproval of their peers while connecting with people they have not yet met, who like the same music that they do. With no threat of exclusion, and the opportunity for acceptance, users will feel the freedom to be themselves and delight in doing so.
Since MySpace is intended to be a music-centered social network, the best way to connect people is through similar music interests. Using a program which analyzes music and identifies its core components, MySpace should suggest relationships between people who like the same kinds of music rather than completely leaving the individual to search on their own. If the user can feel as though they are connecting with people who are “just like them”, their sense of community will be enhanced and they will feel more comfortable with their own identity. As the user’s personal identity develops, they will feel the urge to project who they are to others in terms of their musical personality. Each user should have a “profile page” displaying their favorite songs, bands, concerts they have attended, and music they have recently listened to. By having such a page, users can create an ideal self which they can show to others without the pressures of being physically attractive, smart, or personable; success and popularity will depend solely on their taste and how other people view it. This will give other people who are interested in communicating with that user a measuring stick so they can decide for themselves whether or not their tastes in music are similar enough to begin a friendship. Users should nearly always find suggested friends desirable. MySpace will be created to show users only people whom they will like and are similar to. These fundamental outfits of MySpace’s social network will allow users to build their ideal community with ease and little time investment in comparison to competing sites like Facebook.
In a day and age when everything is accessible in an instant, sites like MySpace will only be successful if the user can gain familiarity with the site and have the ability to navigate it easily in a very brief amount of time. Since building a profile and finding friends intrinsically requires a certain amount of time and effort, the site would be most successful if it incorporated social networking with a simple way to find new music; the same program which finds friends by similar interest could be used to play songs of similar style and genre while the user navigates through others people’s profiles. While this element would encourage people to come back and stay while they listen to music, activity on the site must also be encouraged so that MySpace is not just a tab sitting in the background while users are on a...

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