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Facing Poverty With A Rich Girls Habits
English 115

Have you ever been so accustomed to living one way almost your entire life, then all of a sudden it all comes to a end within a blink of an eye? Well this young girl once lived in a wealthy part of Korea, She attended the best schools and got chauffeured everywhere she went. She was use to having all the finer things that most children her age didn’t have. It all came to a end when her millionaire father lost everything through bankruptcy. Her father owned a shipping company, mining business, and hotels. After losing all of their businesses ...view middle of the document...

And the dress code was even different. At her school that she use to attend she had to wear slippers so that the floors wouldn’t get dirty and at the new school graffiti covered the halls, And was taught to bow their heads to teachers at every moment. While at the new school the children wouldn’t even acknowledge the teachers presence. The young girl tried her best to fit in with the rest of the Korean children that she even went home after school to watch the reruns of “Threes Company” in attempt to learn English language. The school divided them within immigrant groups. They were separated into generations, she was put into the E.S.L. Group which was known as the 1.5 generation. The1.5 generation were different from the other generations, they would hip-hop to usher with enthusiasm while the others listened to pop culture. They would celebrate the lunar Korean thanksgiving as well as the American one. The wealthier Korean immigrants children attended private schools, such as she was accustomed to. The main point is that you could be living one way and accustomed to finer things and it all could be taken away, but that doesn’t mean you have to live an unhappy life. You can find many ways to try to make it better. If other people around you are doing it then you can too, just as the young girl in the story did.

Have you ever got accustomed to living

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