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Poverty And Homelessness Essay

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Amanda Germain
Mrs. Leeker

Poverty and Homelessness: An Annotated Bibliography.

“Black Parents Demand ‘World-Class’ Education, Too.” Washington Informer. 20. Mar 2013. ProQuest. Web. 15 Feb. 2014.
In the article ‘World-Class Education’, it said that education need to be affordable for the community of African American. Some African American children are dropout which had damaged the community. Without education, the middle class people would not be able to sustain their family which can lead to society loss. Parents need to back their children education and to avoid them from dropping out of school. The source wants the middle-class to ...view middle of the document...

Most African American who are married made less income than the married non-Hispanic whites. Also, lower education and discrimination in the jobs are two reasons that may work together to lower the income of African American household. African Americans think that society have divided into two groups: the haves and the have-not.
The author is Melissa J. Doak. It was published in Detroit 2013. I would use this source for my research paper because it reveals the income of African Americans households. The source is credible because it states that poor education and racism in the workforce were the two significant issues that made African American make less income. The source was collected from the annual report to congress, 2008, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American recovery and reinvestment act signed by Barack Obama. The source is reliable because it is for education purpose at the Nova library.

Kowalski M. Kathiann. Poverty in America: Causes and Issues. New Jersey. Enslow Publishers, Inc. N.D. Print.
In this book, it states how poverty affects ethnic groups diversely. Unemployment is one of the cause of poverty. The poverty scale for African Americans was 22.1 percent. For Hispanics of all races, it was 12.2 percent. During the great depression, several companies moved to overseas, where labor costs less. This meant fewer jobs for the middle class workers. Unemployment leads to inner city poverty. Unemployment can lead to crime and substance abuse. African Americans who live in the poor communities have fewer jobs. Children suffer when their parents are unemployed, especially in the middle-class family. Many people lost their life’s savings after losing their jobs.
The author of this book is Kowalski M. Kathiann. The book was published in Berkeley Height, New Jersey. I would use this book in my research paper because it said that people who are unemployed could not afford to pay for their mortgage and buy food. As a result, they become homeless and some of them live in a shelter. The book is credible because it explains why unemployment is the one factor of poverty. The author, Kowalski, had written several books such as World poverty, Poverty: Changing attitudes, and Inner-city poverty. The book is reliable because it is used for education purpose at the Nova library.

Krugman, Paul. ”America’s War over Poverty.” International New York Times. 11 Jan. 2014:9. ProQuest. Web. 14 Feb....

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