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Power And Conflict Essay

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This essay we will examine the definition of conflict, its use as a tool in living in community and cooperation with others and how this learner intends to incorporate it. Conflict is a multi-dimensional communication process that takes place between two or more interdependent parties who believe that they have incompatible objectives or agendas (Abigail & Cahn 2011). This type of communication process is termed as an interpersonal encounter (conflict). These encounters are generally the results of direct, indirect and/or perceived relationship difficulties. These difficulties are normally centered on one’s perception of the engagement and are triggered by a ...view middle of the document...

Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Self, Man vs. Society and Man vs. Destiny/Fate. In the study of Interpersonal Conflict these five types of conflict also exist.
• Man vs Man is the Relationship conflict which is the product of two parties believing that they have incompatible goals or agendas base on poor or misinformed dialog or information.
• Man vs. Nature is the Data conflict. This is the results of insufficient research or the misinterpretation of collected information researched.
• Man vs. Self is the Interest conflict and it is caused by one party attempting to meet their own personal agenda.
• Man vs. Society is the Structural conflict. This conflict is triggered as a result of an organization, practice or entity’s being out of alignment.
• Man vs. Destiny/Fate is the Value conflicts that are triggered by cultural and social cultural belief and traditions.
Summary of the Readings:
In conclusion the readings revealed that conflict is complex and formulated as intricate and convoluted dynamics or particles of one’s family traditions - value systems and varying community philosophies. This material also revealed that these complexities can also be used to establish and foster successful interpersonal relationships. Therefore, conflict, as a communication process, the art of learning how to appropriately hear as well as engage others, can provide it participants with a mindset that is self-aware and thoughtful to diverse populations of people in various settings. Hence, it is imperative that conflict also be explored as a discipline, a tool and management resource (Abigail & Cahn 2011).
In conclusion: This activity actually enhanced the definition of conflict. It required the learner to reevaluate all prior perceptions and theories concerning conflict. The word cloud assignment to define conflict forced the learner to explore and reflect on previous incidences and dialog centered on the term of conflict to find a word cloud definition. The dominate words in the definition were interpersonal, residue and emotional which spoke about relational kinds of conflict. Furthermore, after careful reflection it...

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