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Human connections… This reminds me so much of my father who has been working far for almost 11 years now. It may be weird to begin this by saying that I’m missing him so much. But with this quite established communication I have with him on Facebook, I will survive. To make things parallel, let’s put it this way, I am like the organization, what keeps me alive is the connection that I have built with my different publics. Truly, no man is an island.
I have heard for so many times how lucky young people are to live in a world where in everything is given to them all at once. I have the power to change the world. Every human being has this innate talent to communicate and make that ...view middle of the document...

I agree with Mr. Toledo saying, “To change perception, just tell the truth.” True as it can be, honesty will always be the best policy. It lightened me up when I heard Ms. De Quiros say, “Happy realities do need more emphasis. And no matter how complex life is, there are a lot of pretty things to think about.” I find it very special to do something good. It has been a mission that I fail to do regularly, and I’m looking forward to this everyday accomplishment.
Mr. Sonny Coloma said “We have to realize the power of the tools that we have”, while referring to Social Media. There is a formula that we have to remember S (source) x (multiplied by the) T (tools) = (is equal to the) PCH (Power of Human Connection). It’s true, like I have mentioned earlier in this paper, this is a generous era of innovative communication tools, as future PR practitioners, it is important that we know how to use this power for the good of everyone. Ms. Maria Ressa also on Social Media said that when we click, we become self-aware and when we start to become aware of what we do, we act more rational....

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