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Presentation Essay

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CN301- Community Health

Teaching Care Plan Guidline

Student's Name: Nicole Carter

Placement Agency: Methadone Clinic

Assessment(identify a need for the client(s) or population you are working with, growth and development, characteristics, etc.). The individuals at the Methadone clinic are between ages 18-60. This age group is considered to be young and middle adulthood. Kozier &Erb(2010). Through my clinical experience and observations I did identify that mothers of all ages did not have a good knowledge base of what methadone is and what it can do for themselves and their babies. |
Briefly discuss the importance of the chosen topic/issue. (Why is the topic important for your client(s)/population?) ...view middle of the document...

It is very important that these mothers of ALL ages to have a good knowledge of the effects of methadone and what it can do for both mom and baby. |
Objectives for the session/activity. (Between 3 and 5 objectives). By the end of my presentation the clients of the methadone clinic will have: 1. An increased knowledge of methadone and how it affects both mom and baby. 2. Understand the benefits of Methadone for pregnant women. 3. Understand and recognize withdrawal symptoms in both mom and baby. 4. Learn the benefits of breastfeeding while on Methadone. 5. Learn about focus groups and programs that are out there to help. 6. Clients will discuss the importance of folic acid and materna during pregnancy. |
Teaching strategies (briefly describe methods for teaching). Teach the importance of methadone for moms. Create and supply a pamphlet which will provide information to mothers regarding their addiction and how it can affect their baby. Discuss the importance of breastfeeding while taking methadone. Teach mothers about support group and programs that are out there Provide websites for mothers to visit for more information. www.babu\ |
Evaluation of teaching/learning (describe how learning will occur). Provide Feedback from the agency, instructor and staff. Staff from the agency will be able to answer any questions or concerns that these expecting parents or mothers may have. |
References (Minimum of 2 References) Kozier &Erb(2010) Fundamentals of Canadian nursing: concepts process and practice. Toronto,Ontario. Barbara Kozier. Methadone Maintenance Treatment(2008)- |

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